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Why Choose Us

01. Authorized Representative

In Canada, only licensed persons, namely, Authorized Representatives, are allowed to legally represent immigrants or provide them with advice. 

I, Julie (Kwang Joo) Kim (RCIC#533823), a founder of Bluehill Immigration & Consulting, am a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), a member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) in good standing, and am authorized by the Canadian government to represent your interests in all immigration matters.

NOTE: Find out if your representative is authorized Here

02. Understanding & Trust

I am a permanent resident in Canada since 2003. As I myself have been through the immigration process and have since settled in Canada, I understand how people who want to immigrate to Canada feel about the immigration process and what they need.  Now as a regulated Canadian immigration consultant, I am glad to offer my services to those who are in need. You can trust that I will have your best interests at heart! 

03. Experience

Before immigrating to Canada, I was a computer programmer in Korea where I was employed by well-known international companies. I also worked for a biometric venture company in the USA. Upon my move to Canada, I became employed with a telecommunication company in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Subsequently, I undertook study in a legal course, and have been employed by well-known Canadian intellectual property law firms in Toronto, Ontario. Currently, I am employed as a law clerk, in addition to being a Microsoft certified program trainer, and a retail business operator.  Like many other people in Canada, I strive to work hard and continually develop myself.  With a wide range of educational background and extensive professional experience in diverse industries, I am ready to help you! 

04. Communication

Communication with immigration consulting providers should be informative, productive, and pleasant. If you are ready to begin your immigration journey and need step-by-step, case-by-case advice for your situation, I would be happy to listen and discuss available options. I am open-minded, and pride myself in enabling respectful communications with my clients.  Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

05. Reasonable Prices & No Hidden Fees

Studying or working abroad, and immigrating to other countries can be considered as important milestones in one’s life.  Not only are the processes complicated, but they also often require significant financing. In trying to reduce the financial burden on my clients, I offer my services at a minimum rate compared to the average market price of immigration servicing.

Julie (Kwang Joo) Kim

RCIC #533823


As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), my goal is to provide reliable and trustworthy services to people who wish to visit, work or study in, and/or immigrate to Canada.  

Tel: (416) 786-9951



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